Optocoach collects and uses data specifically for educational and financial purposes in accordance with The Data Protection Act, 2018. All the data obtained is used lawfully, limited to what is required and not kept longer than necessary. No data is sold to third parties and not shared unless required by law.

The personal information requested to provide Optocoach services include the trainee’s name, address, mobile number, email address, GOC registration number, current practice address, dietary requirements, allergies, exam mark sheets and transcripts. Trainees are welcome to email info@optocoach.co.uk in order to request a copy of their personal information held by Optocoach.  

In the event of a personal data breach or if trainees feel the collection and usage of personal data has contravened The Data Protection Act, 2018; trainees are advised to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office without undue delay.